Lessons from Joseph… Part 4 The key to your dream

Joseph didn’t go to prison because someone lied about him. Joseph went to prison to interpret a dream for Pharaoh. He had to be there for that exact day. It was the day his own dream had waited on. Can you see it? Joseph had to help someone else with their dream so God could give Joseph his. Joseph now had to serve again but this time his service put him second in command only to Pharaoh. Our dreams are not “get out of jail free cards.” They don’t mean it can finally be all about us, at least not when they are from the Lord. The key to your dream may simply be to serve others. God fulfilled Joseph’s dream by Joseph living to serve another man’s dream.

If your dream doesn’t serve anyone but you it isn’t a dream from God. When Joseph had his dreams as a young man he saw people serving him. This began the test of his character. Could Joseph steward his authority in the way God intended it? Can you? Has God given you a dream? If he has, the dream will test you. Jesus commanded that we love one another and prayed that we would be one as he and the father were. Our assignments, dreams and purpose will always include others. Joseph was lifted to the highest pinnacle, yet his job was to solve Pharaohs problem. He was to make sure everyone else could eat and at the same time build a kingdom not his own. Self-service was nowhere to be found. Joseph knew how to live favored and be held in high regard. His dream didn’t have to teach him that. But being a slave taught him how to serve. Being a prisoner taught him the value of bread and water to those with no means. Being lied on taught him how to handle power with character for he would be in a position that would allow him to take vengeance. Being sold taught him what it was to be a stranger and an outcast. Joseph may have known how to prosper but his dream tested his ability to steward how his dream affected others. Do not be discouraged if you are in your testing time. Keep serving. It will keep you positioned for promise.

Jaime Luce

Keys To Hearing God Speak

Do you need a Word from God?  Are you in a season of questions with no answers?  I am in that place right now.  I have decisions to make.  They require the direction from God so I don’t waste valuable time, energy or money.  Can you relate?

I read His Word.  I pray over it every time it comes to mind.  My ears are tuned and I’m eagerly waiting.  Is there something I’m missing?  Is there a key to this?

It’s funny how the scripture plays out.  Jeremiah 29:13 says “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  Key number one then is that we must seek Him with all of our heart.  But what does that look like?

I read something today in scripture that I hope will give us help and clarity.  1 Samuel 3:1 says “And the child ministered unto the Lord before Eli.  And the Word of the Lord was precious in those days; there was no open vision.’

If you caught it there was a great clue in that verse.  It says that the word of the Lord was precious. There was no vision.  I pondered this because any Christian you ask would say the Word is precious but do they really mean it?  Here’s why I say that.  The Word had only become precious because they had no vision.  Heaven was silent.  Isn’t is true how precious His voice and Word become when you can’t hear anything?

This is our missing link, key number two.  If His beautiful Word was truly precious to us we would be reading it everyday.  We would be communing with our Father every chance we get. The definition of the word precious in this passage means: precious, rare, splendid, weighty, honored, costly, valuable…  You get the picture.  It gave the word picture of precious gem stones.

I submit when we truly value His Word enough to obey it we will hear from Him more often.  I can read it but if I don’t obey it I don’t value it.  This was the case in 1 Samuel.  Eli’s sons offered God “strange fire”.  This was disobedience to the Lords instructions.  No value.

Elvis Presley said, “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do”.  You will do what you value.

If I don’t even read it then it doesn’t carry much weight.  I give my time to what I value most.  If I was continually asked for help or direction but the advice was never headed I’d quit giving it.  I, like God, wouldn’t speak either.

Our Father’s Words are more valuable than gold.  They’re more precious than gems.  Do we really value His voice?  Do you truly want to hear?  You are so valuable to Him.  He wants to speak to you.  He died for the chance.  If you seek Him He will be found.  Today let’s seek Him with all our heart.

By Jaime Luce